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Eexe^ved attempts have lately been made to victimize the public by
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probable; if there is slight bleeding with the use of the sound, it is all
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coagulated fibrin. As the mucus from the finer bronchi may sometimes
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make parties for the purpose, and when they are met —
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preceded him. A long time elapsed before we had thi
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• Read at refirnlar meedng: of Nashville Academy of Medicine, Tuc., Jan. 17, 190^5.
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should be taught tliorouglily and demanded by law. The infectious
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or intermittent fevers before the onset of the pain ; in every one
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algesia and muscle tonus on the paralyzed side; on that side the
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thought of as standing before the patient, more to the right
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ing was continued, and on October 19th (1871) the report was :
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body in a bronchial tube differ materially from those which arise when it moves
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account of the inequality of this the tongue is pushed to one side, so
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mainly of intestinal origin, the blood was sterile, although in some
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result of recent experiences in relation to a few conditions of
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Fagge, Stewart, and Ruge have made important observations since then.
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It was at one time thought to be extremely rare, but White,* of Boston, has
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however, the intestines became slightly distended, and suddenly she
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termed " indigestion," sometimes " nervous indigestion ; " fre-
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(a) By desensitization with small, slowly injected doses at proper
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cipient tuberculosis, and careful consideration and earnest effort by
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are dissolved or disappear ; but if this re-agent be in small quantity,
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This plan will improve the farm surroundings and add attractions
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muscles of the little finger are completely gone. Massage may do
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ExPERi.MENT II. — Subject standing, right leg flexed to
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Diseases of the Heart,' xii — xv) of the signs of acute pericarditis, of
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may occur as part of the morbid changes of other diseases,
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over the entire lobe, aff"ecting at first the dorsal portion, and the ventral
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autopsy the x-ray gives the most intimate knowledge of the lesion
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the paralyzed portion of the uterine walls always sinks inward