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Case XXXIX — Infant of L. T., coloured, female (seventii child — three

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materially cleared up. Busch also collected forty-three

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exercise an adequately protective quarantine over all vessels

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35. Currie RW, Karmazyn M, Kloc M, et al: Heat-shock response is

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that is almost devoid of danger, and should be given the preference in

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does not clear up their mystery. Now some such cases have their

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neither side, but the appointment left with the judge, who should have no bias

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tient's part, and moving by others should be limited as

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Is it well to have that reservation ? One might despair

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All the subordinate positions, such as internes (or what

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Bureau Animal Indust., U. S. Dept. Agric, Wash., 8 pp. [W*.j

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pharynx, etc., and you all remember the discussion that

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fession, the ex ifficio governors of the Hospital, and a large

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her, and speedily relieved these symptoms. She did not get perfectly

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is 80 powerful, that people will still think, in the face of the strongest

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are made with the object of determining the aviator's capacity to

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mind; the small size of the larynx, that it does not grow in pro-

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partiennent aux femmes, et cinquante-sept aux hommes;"* and

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vance in the same pathological condition which has caused the

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haps at some time useful, I send you this brief descrip-

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cases of leucemia treated with the x-rays and all seem to agree that there is a

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kolpoclelsis for vesico-vaginal flstulse.] Chir. Laitop.,

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In a second case, a man of 36, had had symptoms related to

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not as a reservoir. This necessitated the introduction of

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largely lost their attractions, and there was no impediment

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a ratio of 1:1.3. None of the patients in this group

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edly " open ether," the popularity of which is every day

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F'lculte de ^fi'dec^ne of Montpelier, died in April,

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truest, one, also, that in these days of effort toward the attainment

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external conditions. In Paris, in one of the halls of the Grand Palais, there is

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A Pasteur Institute and Vivisection. — An exceedingly temperate

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hence not at all remarkable that these facts are not more generally