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urine of patients suffering from typhoid fever, and if, as we
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Avith. Ankylostoma infection "of a minor degree is very
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terms. Cash receipts across the counter from £4 to £6 weekly. The
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the tongue Is apt to become dry and of a brown color, with the formation of
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by so great an epidemic. They had successfully coped with, and been
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typhoid fever, typhoid bacilli may be present in the urine.
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continues a little black coffee, strong tea, iced cham-
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symptoms and there was a large reduction in the cell count following
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The fat splits into fatty acids and glycerine. The latter is
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(ft) Rules for I'ransportinf/ the Patient and his Clothing. — 1. When it is neces-
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seemed to show that the red meats or their salts were in themselves
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the medium is solidified, and on the second and third day for not more
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put over the surfaces of the wounds, and through adhesive plaster
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When the fluid products of the inflammation predominate,
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before with typhoid fever. After two weeks, when the
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day after admission the CO2 content of the plasma was 73 volumes
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cavity without let or hindrance, not a sign of adhesions being present
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hesitate to join the county society. However, there is a gain of five in the-
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brought on should she stoop to lift anything from the ground.
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color fades, due to the oxidization which takes place.
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to 25.4 per cent, having symptoms of filariasis without its being
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this man has caused during the past three hundred and
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November I was again called in a very great hurry, and found
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parlor or best room too good for daily use. It consists of a
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Dr. Ogle first alluded to a case of traumatic tetanus which he had described
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admits of such occurrences, and when there are some fifty
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slower), is about the same, the plethysmographic curve maintains
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of the ii'age in the laryngeal mirror, and its formation, is clear
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ought to be assisted rather than opposed. Such are the views
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Tlie one hundred and second annual session began Sep-