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A'NClIll.OPS (dyx‘t "c*'!*', the eve). A sore under the inner
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and consisting of the thyroid, cricoid, and arytaonoid cartilages, the
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1. Varicella le7itiformis (IVillan). Flat, red elevations, each with a
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noted by tlie extent of tlie space on each side of the head between the
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than those minstering to a sick dog, for a veterinary
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<i,mld, of 18 gold and 6 copper ; in green gold, silver is substituted for
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losis. It is believed that tuberculosis in rural Min-
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pitium siler. The term laser was formerly applied to asafoetida, and it
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cesses of tlie sella turcica of the sphenoid bone, from tlieir resemblance
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XANTIII'N (frtvdo's, yellow). A yellow-colouring principle,
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loses Its property of cohering into globular drops, and assumes the foim
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8. Cole, Warren H., and Elman, Robert: Textbook of Gen-
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[CLO'NIC] (kAoi/os, any violent confused motion). A term applied
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sympathy for a condemnation of liquor and an excuse
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most useful tool, for those who deal with the problems of disease.
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tains 5 per cent, of real acetic acid. Wood-vinegar, also called pyro-
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thing for the patient other than strap them with adhe-
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ciple of the plant. Perhaps it is desirable to designate the glands by the
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ferential Diagnosis of Acute Abdominal Emergencies.”
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loop, (3) leaving antral mucosa, (4) failure to re-
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endoscopy before an opinion for treatment is given.
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Malarial poisoning, treatment with chinchonidine, 942.
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He stated that since the time is so short for the sub-
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good and feel good and act as though he feels well.
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connected with the phenomenon of double refraction, and c.xhibited in
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us rid the system of the effete material that it contains,
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the transverse process of the atlas, and inserted into the occipital
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PERITYPHLl'TIS around, rvtftXov, caecum, and the ter-
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aucuparia. or Mountain Ash. It is transformed by heat into a deep red
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nities in the state for a physician are being received.
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and the study of their phenomena belongs to two corresponding branches
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prise attacks’’ of malpractice allegations were
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the proper position. I certainly agree with Dr. Pipkin
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patient. Tablets are available in 2.5 mg., 1 .25 mg. and