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Society; of the Academy of Pathological Science; of the
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show themselves immediately or a little while after the
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the German Hospital of New York as a member of the house staff.
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Dr. Bulkley enjoys association in the affairs of many of the leading
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the future of pharmacodynamics. Here he is very plain and
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New York Academy of Medicine, the Harvey Society, and the two
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supporting, but who, in illness, cannot afford to pay for
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confidence of the profession and people, as well as the
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mation of the lids, excoriation of the skin, etc., have almost
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feature of the book. Occasionally one reads "between the lines"
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water into the external auditory meatus, and is found in those
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feel sick enough to take the first herdic to return home, and go
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most reliable sources obtainable, ranged from about 10% to
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November 7, 1903, his health, although impaired, allowing him to
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1. Albumen may be found occasionally, and possibly in some
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the meals, and the dose should be larger (3ss-3i) than in the case
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simultaneous lesions of the neighbouring parts — the head,
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urethra was scarcely ever noticed. Catheter to be tied in.
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forces, in 1861, he joined the Confederate Army of Ten-
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known as " Neighborhood House." He was a member of the Ninth In-
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Vincent 's Hospital, New York City, and remained as such until De-
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College and the medical deparlmcDl of the University
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improvement after the use of iron, in which the combination of iron with
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an extra wrap for the child ; and not until the child begins to
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the lines of a general practice, though he gives especial attention to
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history, his lore of statesmen and statecraft being remark-
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it is always ready to hand, and its asepsis is perfect.
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body three times. In April, 1SS9, he was graduated from
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He was the assistant attending surgeon at St. Mary's Hospital,
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in Buffalo. When the Erie County Hospital was estab-
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study of medicine at the New York University Medical College, where
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perforation, it has given rise to the longitudinal fissures seen
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known to cross either the Desert or the Indian Ocean. Austra
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branch sanitariums in the United States, a medical mis-
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sion, and thereafter SL-itled in Ihe north of Ireland. Her
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consequent absorption of imperfectly prepared materials. In