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From Gertrude Oberlander Ash, M.D., Delegate, Essex County
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which can throw light on them, is deserving of attentive
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might function to reduce the concentration of potential
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The continued surveillance by the medical care team of
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benefiting more from the rest involved than from the treat-
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all the urine from both kidneys was passing into the bladder.
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incisions selected in the present case being those usually
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changes were frequently noted, and in late cases beginning fibrous tissue
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Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (5 Sessions)
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nished, and the disposition of the lymph to coagulate may be so
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At 8 P.M. consciousness began to return. He took a pint
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level ond is nor usually a problem at serum rheophylline
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$5,000.00 per year for expenses incident to the diagnosis and treat-
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excellent author, Kauw Boerhaave^s experiment is not so con-
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able evidence of pneumothorax. Under appropriate treat-
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these vesicles break into pieces, without becoming spherical,
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crust or size appears, is probable from the following circumstances :
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me is, who first discovered the lacteals of birds ? for as to the lymphatics in their
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no ankle-clonus made by stretching the calf-muscles.
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inquiring for any reputed cause, it is said that when Sarah F's
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(DES), exposure to radiation from the sun or from nuclear
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part succeeding the first sound must be ventriculo-systolic."t
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apex. The liver was not enlarged. Pitting edema was noted
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the expansion of the lungs, a small wound will therefore be
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tracheotomy tube out, thinking it might irritate the trachea
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(probably great omentum) appeared in the wound and also a
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all toxic hazards including cancer of occupational origin.
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estate, a further seven species have been captured there, regardinof
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in their hearts after death, in the same gradual manner that it
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reflex on either side. Muscular sense in legs impaired so that hi
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expression is somewhat melancholic. He takes interest in
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And that the size is merely the coagulable lymph separated
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laboured under a stoppage of a natural evacuation.^
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mammals, in Notes cvi, ex and cxi ; and the blood-corpuscles of in-
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from the Hospital, Norfolk, Va., and ordered to the