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Nor is this the only error which improper education has

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This is, I think, a sufficient argutnent against confining

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whose function is essentially respiratory, remains intact longest, so that

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would be great danger from the powerful sedation of the chloroform in

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alkali of blood at high altitudes were simply due to lactic acid

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ministration, both by rectum and subcutaneously, of physio-

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with pleuro-pneumonia. He found the patient in a very serious condition. Her

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lobe of the cerebellum, or in the temporo-sphenoidal lobe, in the immediate

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either in large quantities or in a very concentrated form, though at

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vallarin in convallaria. The fatal dose of convallamarin is

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method * and the results are stated in the tables as percentage of conduc-

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integrative products in ratio to the work efi'ected.

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the spine and emphasizes a particular therapeutic tech-

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cases are allowed to run their course without medical treatment,

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Ordinarily, a little animal food — unaccompanied by

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existing malady. The state of the circulation varies from a condition

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first examination showed 124 cells, a heavy globulin, and a strongly positive

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etc., consider as to how much patency or obstruction of

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tracts for $328,000 for the construction of the building.

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tissue, with accumulation in the air-cells and bronchi. The ocdematous

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On August 9 patient was sent away for a holiday, rectum being

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any purpose or symptom is coming close to mal-jthat a person who has had a previous injection

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Thomas Miner, M.D. President. Silas Fuller, M.D. Vice President.

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right or to the left side. He had used the forceps reversed, as

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upon chronic ulceration of the bowel, giving it unexpected continuance.

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and rendered able to throw off the disease. 4. That to

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The ideal treatment of snake bites lies in unless treated, the man who treats 100

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where the method had been tried, there certainly had been no trouble,

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theories which had been advanced in explanation of the

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much depended upon the patient's environment and the skill of

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Tx*ea<tnient of I^ainula^, — Dr. Panas has frequently

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affected parts pieces of linen soaked in chloroform. Dr Wilks also finds

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phosphates, and other salts may be present, forming some of

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passage is very different. It is true that Fraser had concluded

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the turbinal tissue, controls the nasal discharge, cuts short the violent paroxysms of sneezing

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