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{From the Laboratories of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.)
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the following extract, which deserves a careful perusal:
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meter, provided the isolation tests show that the fermentation was
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ounces of turbid serum and a few flakes of recent lymph.
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about improvement in chronic and advanced cases, in the course
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use still less; but we eat very much more fresh fruit
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Kodiing at all. Did she fall into a bad state ci health ^ No.
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abdominal exercises the use of the bandage is likely to decrease the tone
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Recruits arrive at Parris Island twice daily. Immediately after
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pernicious anaemia was occasionally gotten, he doubted
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at during life; but this I found to be impossible, owing partly
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apply this preparation, thoroughly rubbing the dressing on
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I Hypertrophy of the Left Auricle. — This may be assumed to occur va miinl
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wherewithal to furnish a happy and healthy environ-
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combining with the sulphuric acid. In the present case, however, the
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supply or the means of obtaining it, or times he would apply to physicians for
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gradually increased as the child becomes accustomed to its use.
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of Lime, though this compound does not manifest the proper-
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of workers on this subject, that these substances are not synthetised to
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chea has been reached and the incision made into it,
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ture, the fundus, the entire organ, and finally the anterior wall.
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the top, dome fashion, and tightly closed at a level 3 feet 6 inches
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and administrative offices, study and classroom space for 300 undergraduate
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relates is more constant than has heretofore been supposed.
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in parts lower down, to the anaesthesia, and to the other effects of pressui^e
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to understand and apply the brief statements to which the official guide
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of the sagittal, for they state that " la suture sagittale, grande
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Spaniih furgeon, difcovered two effential points refpe£Hng the
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Torture. — Dr. C. E. Brown-Sequard confesses himself to
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ice. The state board of health and county board of supervisors will
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decided loss of blood without injury ; anaemic patients have the symp-
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on the streets next day that Dr. should confine himself to killing his
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salpingectomie simple; rccherehes baetfriologiques. Bull.
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treatment remains the same, viz. : strengthening of the
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section on etiology, of immunity against malaria, but this immunity,