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us. He was not in favor of intra-uterine injections; the vagi-

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great part of an entire herd may become rabid. In rare cases

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Symptoms. — The symptoms may be slight at first. There is

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exist in using sitbciUaneoua injections of corrosive sublimate. In

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iodopin, fibrolysin, massage, warm baths, &c. — but nothing did any

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" The prevalent belief, then, that the liver is greatly affected in the

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the authority of the Tokio Charily Hospital, at the same

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the tubercular patients will bring the question of this conflict


attachment where the structure was loose and villous

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that any one of these pathological conditions may account for the

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migraine), byJ.'W. Sterling, Montreal; Tuberculosis and Insurance,

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with cowpox gives protection from smallpox, through the days of Jonas Salk and

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b. In the composition of the atmosphere, the proportion of

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culate lymph. When disturbed, it is usually the result

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value if employed at the very onset of a streptococcic infection. This

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title "Artium lihri," and in which each department of

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Dietetic Articles. For these see another division of the work.

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back of the abscess. The abscess is then allowed to

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indication for operation in cases Nos. 101 to 107. In three of

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woven fertile hyphae, becoming powdery in appearance when mature; reverse of colony

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into the opening tightly so as to prevent leakage from the wound,

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nized by the character of the discharges and its appearance

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Oct. 28th, that absentees could return with safety.

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