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of the diphtheria bacillus are often complicated by the toxins absorbed

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From the commencement of May there was a great decline

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sisting of one part of chloroform and two of ether, corresponds

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The Report of the Maryland State Board of Health.— J. S. Conrad 163

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The child of S. W. aged two years, was attacked on the

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plates to prevent the distortion of the glands which results from the contraction

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Medicines are applied successfully to the mucous membrane of the

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tracted below. On division of these adhesions, the flatus in the bowel

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face assume a violet hue, the moiith is covered by a bloody and frothy mucus ;

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of the parts concerned in Tracheotomy. Next follows an illustration of a

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398. Fried Eggs (with Blacic Butter)— Ingredients— Butter,

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