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Dr. Jackson admitted the occurrence of the case referred to by
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operation, the breathing is comparatively easy, but this end may be at-
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was that of a boy five years old, laboring under a violent cough,
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rence of the first morbid feelings, the patient was seized with symp-
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remedies should be conjoined only when they co-operate for a common
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the operation of accessory causes ; hence the rationale of their occurrence
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disuse. In cases of complete paralysis, after the function of the muscles
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tion of the heart in severe muscular exertions ; under these circumstances
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ism, the phenate of cocaine, employed as a local appli-
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more or less prolonged. In cases of aortic lesions involving obstruction
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Introductory Remarks. Sporadic Dysentery — Anatomical Characters — Clinical History^
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Fees: Matriculation $5.00. First and second years, each
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There are several objections to this mode .of dressing the
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from U S Government, mailed post-paid on applicatloo
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liquid in this situation may give rise to tumors as large as, or even larger
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Three anmial regular sessions are required. Bedside in-
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firat^ retardation of the circulation; and, second, a lesion, of some kind,
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remedy, whether the affection be a sequel of mtermittent fever or not. The
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of a valued friend, and yet, at every step, reminded of the diflSculty
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called anthracosis. It is es])ecially marked in the lungs of coal miners.
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any of them affected with tympanitis ; their tongues were, in
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oo^»*o©-*^o««oo©ooo©«»-*ooeooooo»^©oo©©o« i-i^o
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An analysis of the symptomatic phenomena in different cases of dyspepsia
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According to Frerichs, coagula in the portal vein take place, without in-
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it. It probably originates in no other way. It is highly infectious, and
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in some cases within twent^^-four hours, being produced in such cases
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advocates, as a palliative measure safe and etHcient,the application of cold
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*• I have never seen any signs of fermentation which I could attribute to the influence
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Mortality, tables of, for 1850, 1851, 1852, 155, 269, 464
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and allied remedial measures in the diseases of women and m
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fice to account for it in all cases. It is, probably, sometimes an effect of
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spleen or lymphatic glands. It is, however, to be borne in mind that
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city for improvement in this respect. The diet should be nutritious, con-
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