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This seems much like a relic of those medieval times when the
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about it, if a person has perseverance enough; but most
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Menorrhagia. — 1 : 1 F., transferred to Adelaide or special ward for diseases
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fore, I urge the necessity of an early diagnosis being
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pox may be seen at once in its various stages, and in
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On March 26th the comer-stone of the new, or " jubilee "
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Drs. Sambon, Low, and Terzi, has been so far successful.
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On admission to the St. Francis Hospital she affirmed
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the ordinary course of dissection as found in most of our medical schools.
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examination of the tissue." What have nurses to do with such
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C. Moon, House-Surgeon to the Ophthalmic Hospital, Southwark. With
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ander; Treasurer, F. Manley; and the other members of the
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flat splint can only result in more or less deformity in the bone itself,
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Sayre, Dr. John E. Weeks, German Hospital and Dispensary,
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Paternity (Oo — (>7) ; Infanticide (08 — 7i>) ; I^pe
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Humphreys Storer, M. D. Boston, 1851. (From the Author.)
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cold, and shrunken, the skin covered with puijDuric patches, the pulse
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or in a more moderate concentration in a person with an irritate
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that a spontaneous agent is of more powerful action than an
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an accompanying enteritis. Signs of collapse rapidly supervene. The
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which about two inches higher up the vessel contracted to 2 inches
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upon the respiratory system lies its chief interest. Its action on the
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cipient tuberculosis, and careful consideration and earnest effort by
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to rest upon the buttocks. Hygienically speaking, the saddle
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plaining that they are very ill. When the smaller divisions and ulti-
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other is due to a deposition of the latter in the normal, pre-existing, mus-
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Then the red hot iron should be passed evenly over the
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I am not only far from acknowledging, but a little farther we
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call this method a modified and much improved method of giving gas, oxygen
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recognising with satisfaction the fact that the Commissioners in
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only of half strength, whilst those of digitalis and gentian are con-
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hospital consequently large, he cannot call to mind
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where septic fluid has been detected. Finally, the pel-