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10th. That the state of the system in general is not what is

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missile lodged in the thorax and was small in size,

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Allen, D. S., Hall's Corners. Smith, J. T., Oanandaigua.

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traumatic lesion in question, from ulceration : — 1st. The in-

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inches of iron piping can be attached to the legs by

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and vesicles are not diseased, the expression urine

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of the disease, in that the heat is generated in the

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Health, who is in charge of the details of the Nar-

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it is never benefited, and often injured, by internal remedies, and

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his topical application will soon cease. Unless the

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forward and arched both in a longitudinal and transverse direction;

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the condition is so mild that no subjective symptoms

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munication of clinical remarks, or by the delivery of a distinct

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separate series of tubes receiving .2 c. c. of serum

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side of the gut ; on further investigation, I found that the sinus

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as already noted, the strain may return even before

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pregnancy, advised premature delivery. This expedient was rejected.

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air-cells ; and in part from the evaporation of the fluids secreted

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valla. — Greek refugees arriving at Kavalla by sea

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ing excision of the ulcer with cauterization, it was

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tenacious mass. In other instances they are elongated, and pre-

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they actually believe in the honesty and justice of their claims.

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tration, slow pulse and respiration, excessive con-

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