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intensely hot, the number of deaths reached 1,434 ;
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interesting oration, entitled '' Homoeopathy ; its Present Rela-
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that it may not fall from the navel ; soon it removes
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With regard to the limbs, Dr. Eisicn Piusscll has shown that, in dogs,
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to allow the rectum to communicate with the vagina, but to
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Beside, however, these its common uses of calming the
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the State of New York, who shall be unable to act as Delegate during two successive years, shall be
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Clinical History — Acute gastritis gives rise to pain more or less intense,
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1. Puerperal sepsis still causes almost one-half the deaths occurring in the
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juices of plants and are without definite structure {opium, aloes)
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evident affection of the blood-corpuscles, and these have been constantly