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Louis, ^vllicll wcr(3 all treated as follows : — Reduction of the

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at a sufficient height from the floor, and a ten-pound sand-bag is made

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fitting round the wrists, and of top boots or breeches and leggings the

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2. Medicine and Clinical Pathology. P. W. Bassett-Smith and

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to have an especial action on the nerves of the heart, more especially

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the same hours ; and the fourth day, a whole glass at

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pain, and which is always the seat of neuralgia. That

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cracking noise, and the edges of the wound separate, indicating

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Fig. 487. Three follicles of the skin of the dog containing entozoa. 100 diam.

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ing side of tiie tongue, that any spread of the disease

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nieiit of club-foot. Theraji. (iaz.. Detroit, 1893, 3. s., ix,

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schritte in unserer Kenutniss von dem optischeu Baue des

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Mr. W.\GGETT thouglit it undesirable that the hoy should he allowed to

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in thirty-nine cases ; so we may conclude that the remainder were not

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in this way the atmosphere is made impure. So far as this disease is

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tion in a pseudo-epidemic form. The lesions are inoculable and auto-

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cured cases were considered. In the superior region,

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Treatment of (Jlycosuria. By (.'harles W. Purdy, M. D., of Chicago,

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I have known one instance in which the death of a hospital patient, suddenly

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improvements in operating and advancement in that line will change our prin-

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neuritic origin, but also in the less grave varieties — not accom-

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compression, and the needle of the syringe plunged into it.

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did well until carried off by further complications (hemorrhagic

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each others actions. The co-existence of two or more specific

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exclusively by its reduction of the mass of, the circulating fluid, without

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to 20, and even as low as 15; and human life has now more


nouncements, messages and other material, provided the