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matters of this kind fail to be settled by the languid and

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laries. (See p. 763.) This finding does not exclude an increase in the

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H^.^'"!^' P^^^""^, "^^^^^^^ P^^^^^^ seen on the palms of

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ment. Since that period^ however, the aspect of disease has materially

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1902 b. — Eine Erfahrung iiber die ''Knotchenkrankheit" der Schafe. [Abstract

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about February and March and the disease would rapidly decline in

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respect. The lameness, which at first was very well marked, is

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observed a persistently high pulse rate also in cases of alcoholism ; and as

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vagus effect, and the change in auricular rate in the case of Parkinson

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woman receives some local treatment for the ulceration, with dilatation

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without the shelter of its own constitution and by-

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prevalence of the secondary cutaneous eruption. 2. Mucous tubercle

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work whenever the eye becomes dim or affected with flashes. The

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The infusion is made by adding X A ounce of the herb to 6 ounces

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your ambition, worth}* your self-sacrifice, worthy all the midnight oil you