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or through the brim and is delayed in the pelvis, we must have recourse to

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A morbidly increased activity of the heart is a constant and notable

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of 12 women who were toed at the York Assizes m 1812, for drowning a.

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marsh water, etc., under the skin in order to ascertain whether they

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any steps to prevent a movement of the bowels after

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concerts, and balls. By such simple remedies as fresh air, rational clothing,

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justified in stating that the pollen poison has the same specific

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organs. The vomited matters, when shaken in the dark, were phosphorescent

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is readily seen, and looks like a bubble, especially when stained. (Com-

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had been much inflammation, but no true suppuration.

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phenolsulphonephthalein output were normal (within forty-eight hours, as in the

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sia Hematologic — leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, aplastic anemia

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receives personal supervision, individual care and attention, as well as

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ammon. aromat.. Ill xx ; 6 a. m., temperature 98'2°, pulse

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orist, having tired of all other theories, now turns

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hoisted its flag of ' no surrender.' " The hectic flush is a red

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agents of decomposition ; some, as the saccharine and fatty matters, are proba-

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proof of its excellence as a reijertory of practical

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by a board of trustees, which is kept up by cobptation of new members as

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changes, great pleural thickening, and contraction and deformity of the

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The subjects treated of in the second part of Dr. Victor

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mond, Va., December 1st. There will be only one day's meeting,