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34. Fledelius HC, Gyldensted C: Ultrasonography and computer tomogra-
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Temperature — More or less increase of tiie heat of the body is invariable.
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graphy, and is well illustrated with coloured diagrams.
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sophisticated, new detail is seen which may present problems as to whether
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lamina of the mesentery. They are called Peyer's Glands, after
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inculpate another. As hi was ica y wafi removed from thel
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a regular medical education. Before his term was half out at the
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pint of laudanum, than is ordinarily produced by twenty-
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my predecessors. But, however, when we do the best we can and to
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teum till it makes contact with the lamina for carbohydrates was at first considerable;
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may be suspected. In severe cases a dirty gray or tough purulent layer
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* Horace's references to "medicus," the doctor, are the following :
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Dr. Johx Croxyx, of Erie county, said that he was delighted at the
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was now well drawn down, transfixed with catgut, and
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8, the partridge 9.17, and the weight rises through the scale accord-
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Potomac River, he loved to fish, to care for the cabin,
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seven or eight years ; it occupied both the hands and feet ; the skin
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tiple, or, if single, involves a great amount of liver sub-
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plaining that they are very ill. When the smaller divisions and ulti-
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pidus, as frequent careful inquiry established the fact that it commenced
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Bluish patches of irregular form, from three to eight lines in diameter,
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one pole of the foetus by another, or the conversion of oblique presentations
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