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Abdominal or bowel supporters might be necessary for some females
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other hypnotic*s and is rarely indicated in insomnia. Its chief use
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epidermis is detached, a small portion of lint is to be moistened in
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the form of tincture of belladonna, is often of the greatest
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(infective) larva. There are two life-cycles in which repro-
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an earnest of complete recovery. For many such cases, indeed, it is
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of urine increased. 4. The elimination of nitrogen, especially, in the urine
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quite conceivable that in case the influences favoring and those hindering agglutina-
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never can, no matter how much research there may be made by
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43.3°, the maximum being 62.0° on the 3rd, and the minimum
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at short intervals, with the addition of aqua ammoniac, until
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nympha is the fourth, or posterior. The nymph is usually energetic,
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well adapted to the requirements of the average practitioner.
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Involvement of the Auriculoventricular Bundle of His, Am. Jour. Med. Sc,
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nations against him a"n<l his followers, a better and a briirhter ilay is a'
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and rain, lowering the temperature in summer, but raising it in winter. The anti-
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Oebiete dir Krankh. der Harn-und Sexual- Appar at.. Vol. Ill,
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than in the cases in which it was not ; he was consequently disposed
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of the section is taken up with the account of a dissection of a
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cations ottieiellos; certitude et .scciirito dans la
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atically enforce the measures required to bring about this re-
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b', TrabeculiB of connective tissue which subdivide fasciculi.
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Dr. Paget : With regard to the remarks of Sir Dominic
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strands of fibrin, chiefly along the lines of junction of
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not been behind in assisting to promote their endea-
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form of obesity, dried thyroids may be used with excel-
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may occur. The Mikulicz bag is not superior to simple gauze, except
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The Treatment of the Wounded at the Casualty Clearins Station.
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As to the surgical procedures, particularly in the generative organs,
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