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signs has been regarded as indicative of cure of the affection. P'ol-

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fed on such milk, guinea pigs died after four days, and puppies after

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ject of exemption from rates. The general question, however,

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related to the lapses of memory previously referred to, and to the double

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were found. Thus, according to their agglutination reactions, we now have

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toms are headache, vertigo, and vomiting. Occasionally

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once in two years in case of each pupil. The results are excellent.

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severe cases. A scarlet rash occasionally precedes the characteristic rose

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to benefit .professional runners who had broken down in races; and he

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examining bodies which is anticipated in the Act. I cannot

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of stomatitis, being bacterial processes, may lead to disease at a distance

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ware, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire,

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author has called attention to the inadequacy of the malarial and quinin

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case of one gentleman, covered all over with acute eczema, who had

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our command. It is, of course, a matter of considerable

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me to make use of it as a remedy, but now this piece of information is

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Micro-organisms have been found in rrhotic livers, especially the colon

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a) completion of the revised supervisory program utilizing the Control Data

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the bed, and by the decomposition of discharges which soil the skin ;

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least to the limb, if such a rule be not observed in every case. Rupturing the

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ceeded, by means of hydrotherapy, in curing his royal

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tioQ of ascites, as it is never an independent disease, and as its symp-

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in the general section on cancer that anemia, usually of the chlorotic

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