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the general condition. The involvement of the eyes is well worthy
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Ophthalmoscopic Signs.— Dr. Cocks next passed to the
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As already stated {vide page 356), this accident is generally incident to
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and, although stimulants were freely and assiduously given,
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implies that on this occasion malaria is the predisposing cause. Yet,
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In dogs, according to Eichet, the principal symptoms are gastro-
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of small doses of aconite to the second mixture for a few days, with
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tion against inhalation of drenches consists mainly in only
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(1.) It may be assumed with great probability that hsemophilia
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taken from a hydrant and shown under the microscope. —
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Diagnosis. — The rules laid down by Gerhardt are still followed with
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tity. Further examination of the feces in cases of structural disease of the
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malaria are endemic in Haiti, physicians and other health-
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presents it, or whether it is not in many cases a very
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Society a sj)cciincn of rupture of the bhidder in tlie female, resultiii}; irom
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where they can be taught, for it is impossible to teach them in
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James L. Dennis Developmental Center, 1612 Maryland, Little Rock,
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Treatment of (Jlycosuria. By (.'harles W. Purdy, M. D., of Chicago,
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After using a small electrode I was led to use a large
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suffered from occasional violent and spasmodic tetanoid twitchings; his head
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A quite spontaneous correction should be accepted, but care
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In this new volimie in Saunders' Question-Compend Series
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Iron does not constitute the entire of the coloring matter of the
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days. The various deaths may be referred to pulmonary consumption in tico
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Westminster Hospital devolved upon him, and he discharged
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