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Charles N. Dowd said that it is extremely common to

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difficulty in urination. There had been no jaundice and

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direction of the stipendiary magistrate, Mr. Raffles, determined

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famous lectures, which awoke much interest both in this disease and in

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this period of the disease the chlorides fail to be excreted by the kidneys, even

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position to appreciate how it came about that at the outset of almost

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Max Schiiller: Die Tracheotomie. etc., p. 96. StuttgarL 1880.

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is an adjustable upright iitandard, the upper part of

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symptom, it must be remembered that salivation may arise from a variety of

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the United Kingdom) every week ;" but in Dublin, so far as I can learn,

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in England and Scotland, note the prevalence of small-

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process, that many substances in subliming are deposited on the glass

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statistics it should be remembered that we classify our

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If necessary, give hypodermic injections of morphia to relieve the

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paper at the Second District meeting, to be held at Lake Geneva some time in

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Professor of the Principles of Dental Surgery and Therapeutics.

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spinal marrow, and a considerable quantity between the sheath and the cord.

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enormous, so that the urine becomes quite solid from heat and

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there is often some change also as regards sensation, while if

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tient rises. Repeat in two days on opposite side of the

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patients, when they get well enough to work, having been idle so

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poses, provided that due credit, etc." Moreover, it was

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salpingectomie simple; rccherehes baetfriologiques. Bull.

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a nuaiber of trials I made were very unsatisfactory. I was

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