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this operation consists in passing as large a soft catheter as the
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thickened drum membrane, and chplk deposits do not disqualify pro-
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quite aestructive of the vaccinal virus. Under ordinary circumstances,
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218-222. Also: Prosres iiied.. Par., 1880, 2. s., iii, 41.—
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downward and outward, sharply localized, hea\ang, and wider
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baths of 68° F. (20° C), and of five minutes' duration, in
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ings in low unhealthy situations ; even in those eases where the
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and the ulcer properly exposed, a straight, blunt-pointed
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occurring in infancy, appears to possess this hereditary
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sitic forms which reach the stage of multiplication are found station-
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afforded for the study of the inflammatory diseases of the eye and their treat-
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defcending towards the tefticle." Mr Cooper adds, " The idea
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wards to get above the brim, the handles must be forced back
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Thus it is most probable that in fevers and acute inflam-
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often necessary to combat this tendency by a stimulant
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with a broom or duster, was not only unsanitary, but unsatisfactory,
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case the urine contained fifty per cent, of albumen with
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the induction of abortion came under consideration. It
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i.e., dryness. As substitutes for ordinary poultices, we have
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occurred to me once, where the patient was frescoing
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the whole of one side of the body, and which is irrefutable evidence of a
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touching any mucous surface, such as that of the eye.
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