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weeks absence (April Ifjth, 1801), it was found to be a
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may introduce themselves as “Doctor,” or acquiesce to
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IVI.D.-, is as follows : The area to be grafted and the surface
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are not subjected to any great pressure. If the fracture
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to it. This atropin paralysis of the Iris Is kept up until
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148 ; general meetings, 332, 488 ; gratuitous medical
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and the manifestations of ursemia, convulsions and coma, or these in alter-
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' dial there is yet, much room for improvement in medical ed-
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ration of the ammouiacal liquid, after the precipitation of
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general practitioner where he has sent for the sur-
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There was no case of death, and many of the persons who had
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other, she takes to a rocking-chair in the afternoon and rocks
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is said that the total number of his works exceeded one
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immobilisation in jtlaster for fourteen days failed to completely
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agnostic service at any point where it may be needed
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is the case even when, as in the collapse of cholera and other febrile dis-
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dium citrate is best. Belladonna or its alka- single lesion, the gangrene extending deeply,
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such a result, but was, for reasons not necessary to re-
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above case. The joining up again in such a case occurs, we consider, as a
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and paddled him twelve miles through a chain of lakes to meet
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" I have always suffered much in my head at sea." (Do.,
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made with the patient in the horizontal i)Osition. Two gallons of clear
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years far more patients have overlooked my oversights
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102.5° ; respiration, 25. All temperatures reported are taken
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she said, should be recognized by them. The tests should not be made with
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dition will be slo*, and the method irksome, ahd unless he be pre-
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roots either before or immediately after their union, or occasionally
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