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terrible disorders in wiiich a noxious ferment, brewing in the
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head, which resulted in gangrene of the skin, and from this gangrene
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On the 27th of April, 1853, 1 vyas requested to visit Mrs. B., on ac-
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If, however, the interference wit hcarbo- whereas those found in such association
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in thes^ eases the affection is almost always associated with bronchitis or
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of the index, we desire to acknowledge the skilled and faithful
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and that of the assistants by adhering to the non-interference plan. Now
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rence in adults and older chilcfren is by no means rare. Very
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tation or an increase of the same— hardening or hepatization— opacity
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impressions made on the body are absent, as the cere-
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in the midst of genial and appreciative friends, in a de-
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The door facing the tunnel entrance is first opened, and,
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energy into study. Before either his physician or himself had
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was present in the gluteal regions, orbits, omentum, about the kidneys,
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represented by only an oesophagus and a rudimentary intestine ;
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referable to the lungs, kidneys, and nervous system.
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disease (such cases as are seen in acute parenciiyma-
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Li eatment of the Cerzd.r — Wilford J. Deweese, Bemidii
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is ready to-day, and joyfully ready, to be put to a competitive
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lowed if necessary by an enema, the patient should be placed upon
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miles and upwards from this metropolis, and the remaining 250 in and
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of as gummata of the iris, though usually a secondary symptom. The
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III. With insufficiency and simultaneous stenosis of the left anricnlo-ventrie-
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12 drops ; essence of millefleurs 3 dr., essence of ambergris 1
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are unwise in skipping the older men who have been in the service longer