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the sterno-mastoid muscle. But the spasm returns as the nerve unites ;

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affection is an actual blindness, a loss of the visual power, produced by lesions of

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are due to peripheral irritation, and a great many operations have been

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that Heim, whose descriptions indicate careful observation, ascribes

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in the female sex, the proportion, I find, usually being much

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gidity of the face and neck, and the lower jaw has assumed a more natu-

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and therefore the forms of letters. He can write and print from a copy.

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of apnea is clearly important, infants with no previous

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perature. In this respect germicidal reactions resemble chemical reac-

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(10) Orientation Test. — This is a valuable test, but it should

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Analysis of these different globulin preparations by the method of van Slyke

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portant to bear in mind that such symptoms occurred, as