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tremely advanced in years, and, more important still, tefore serious
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phasia of the spleen. — Journal of Medical Research, 1915,
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nesday at 12 m. throughout the year. (See Department of
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With the increase of its popularity and usefulness, The Univer-
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S. O. O., etc. Occasionally these are interspersed with the fol-
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Julian E. Gammon and C. F. Hoover. Dead space in moderate and
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woman 79 years of age, who had recovered with defect from a psychosis 27
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Samuel Wolman. A criticism of tuberculosis sanatoria. — The
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in Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University, 1906 ; Dispensary Psychiatrist, J. H. H.
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Real Value in Medicine, The. By H. W. Nowell, M. D 17
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A. B., University of Vermont, 1894, and M. D., 1897 ; A. M., Clark
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versity, 1900-1909 ; Dispensary Surgeon, the Johns Hopkins Hospital.
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portunity to familiarize himself with the wonderful wealth of the
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and puffiness in the lower portion of the temporal field of the left
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d). Based on the foregoing the student is ready to study
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rigidity of neck and spine, moderate fever, and especially if this be
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Fellowship in Medicine, Harvard University, 1915-1916.
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compelled to decline the proffer. Those doctors who would be the
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Nothing else but milk, egg, and a little sugar is allowed for five days.
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Bloodgood, Wednesday, 2-4.30, entire year, whole class. Fri-
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James, M. D., professor of the Practice of Medicine in the Col-
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Similars is not a matter of opinion but capable of absolute proof.
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ourse. Demonstrations are given from time to time in
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tion for reasons noted above. Of this number five presented un-
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Board of Eegents of the University of Texas and served four years.
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Gas is present in the intestines in large amounts and usually
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will undoubtedly eliminate weak points in our practice and
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Nervous dispensary. Daily, 10 to 11 a. m., repeated each
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renal solutions. As the action in raising the blood
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Of a total of one hundred and three who started to take the
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A. B., Allegheny College, 1908 ; Summer School, Cornell University, 1911,
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