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the^ Gazette Jtfedtca/e, for 21st of June, 1834, states that he has amputated
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schools have also improved the courses given in this department, but
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In several papers recently published, a distinction was drawn between the
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Figs. 7 and 8 show a clean exterior and interior. In such a place
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markedly impaired renal function Although dosage adjustments in
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quantity too small to enable him to arrive at any satisfactory results by
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tum, and for extensive wounds and burns upon the trunk and
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in the valves, the muscular structure is frequently
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In an effort to give people basic information and practical assistance in
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Tumours of the ductless glands, whose secretion passes
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extension and flexion without stretching of the ligament.
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Forum, N.Y., 1900, 11.— Williams (F. H.) The inter-
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amount of debris containing many pus cells, among which Avere
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these tubercles encapsulated, enclosed or otherwise, just as it
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being originated in the Blue Shield office and sent to
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Upchureh, Eobt. T., Henderson, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1908 1908 1910
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detailed are associated with many negative features of significant import-
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pass directly to the nearest glands without contaminat-
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their investigations upon fresh uteri removed by Pean from living sub-
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peculiar attacks about once each year, in any season, but usually
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owing to the mal-secretion of urine, but that the grand obstruc-
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of the disorder ; although when the disorder is thoroughly established the
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was to be expected from clinical study, — such, for example, as that
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sponse was more favorable in localized peritonitis and
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that the patient has been unwell for a few days previously, the disease is said
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Incidental mention has already been made of the mental phenomena
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with the functions of the alimentary canal, and the
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perceive the motion, and it is a living being from the first."
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was formally objected to by Copland, "Lancet," April 8, 1865, p. 382.
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