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nails, i.e., the striated or split nail of the finger, or the

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in the rate of respiration was, after breakfast 4.4, dinner 2.1, and tea 2.1,

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adrenalin diluted as desired with physiologic salt solu-

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carried by dust, as they show great variation in their re-

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preserved in the Library of the Koyal Society of Medicine ; it was

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between the waxy degeneration of the vessels and the inter-

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adequate cause is found; then its persistance rather than its frequency

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medical schools ; if so, to what extent should such a knowledge

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The only symptoms of the disease had been pains in the back and difficulty in

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like cavity of the radius could be indistinctly distinguished ;

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here drawn up by the exposed rhomboid, instead of downwards by

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(from fifteen to twenty to the square inch) were made

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cells. The vaccine is then put in separate ampules and is ready for

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from these herds had been very generally used in the

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appear to be any loss of sensibility in the upper limbs to

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Arkansas Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1967.

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fearlessly, and unhurt, close to the most pestiferous marshes, and

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uals or corporations, it is the duty of medical men to support him, and to

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effusion was sero-fibrinous. The cases were of long standing, and the

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Clinical Medicine: Lectures and Essays. By Balthazar Fos-

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Asylum, Sheppard, at Baltimore, 24 ; Earlswood, new

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regular or legitimate practitioners. The most popular of

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When, during dentition, the evacuations are merely more loose than com-

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a portion <sf omentum which remained, and that by

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influence, which produces phenomena so different in appearance be-

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candidates are invited to submit a resume to be kept on file with the Society. An announcement of a physician’s

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(loth) edition, much enlarged, thoroughly revised and largely rewritten.