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Barany's pointing test confirms these observations. The patient's

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Huchard, Traite des neuroses, p. 1128. Dujardin-Beaumetz, Des

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In another of them no unnatural sound whatever was heard

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Of 7 cases of carcinoma of the pancreas, primary or secondary,

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a lessened mortality. Pneumonia, however, is undoubt-

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pansion. He was cheerful, did not complain of any particular pain,

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irritation in the urethra from the passage of a catheter which

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danger of peritonitis, since all of them being congenital cases,

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of solution required ; (ii.) Method of application ; (iii.) Eapidity, intensity,

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of Dr. D. F. Nardin, of Ciiarieston, S. C. He treats ihe subject in a

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impediments to the performance of the abdominal functions, and to

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hours, a tablespoonful or two of beef-essence or beef-tea.

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suggestive remarks are incorporated with the headings.

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ployed in England ; but it is quarantine of the indi-

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sideration. The present view is, however, that the toxemia is general,

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a blow on the abdomen, and who was admitted in a state of

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Smart, Robert B., Esq., Surgeon to the Hospital lor Children,

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McConkey, a stage of true parasitism extending from early childhood

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grene of one finger, Prof. Bartholow says : rhagia by suppositories of cocaine and boric

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dies that afflict humanity. It has created more distress and

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risk to human beings is incomparably greater than from any other acute

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the profession, he is justly entitled to the credit of the in-

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itary and congenital, and when so incurable, but may be caused by injuries,

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the reach of the fingers of the obstetrician, and we are not

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themselves in the dogmatisms of materialism, they have to

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During this period there was no pain on pressure over any part of the abdo-

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The difliculty in this case was to make out the exact con-

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observations also lead him to the view tiiat casts are formed both from

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