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before taking it up, I will, as my dear father used

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the seat of any disease. She remembers when she was eight

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caries. With these views the lateral and posterior flap, exe-

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sionally would he show any lowness of spirits. Ultimately after all

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Guaiacol as an Antipyretic. — A new use for an old drug is always

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5. The Cesarean section and other alternatives of crani-

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period when we should expect convalesence, should make us

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comes diffused through the fluid, instead of adhering to the

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ance ; so that at the end of January, 1899, all physical

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tional manifestation and mental phenomena? Have they

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them in the country. It was partly her excessive exertions with

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is liable to incur serious accidents : to fall into the fire ; to tumble into the

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With such a record, it is needless to speak of his zeal,

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of 20 per cent, argyrol solutions once daily or on alternate days ; the

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Chapin thought that clinical experience seemed to show that

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tion, and will treat them briefly, because in most respects they closely

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These gentlemen advised an immediate operation for the re-

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sity of laying great stress upon the eventual heart weakness, in which

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tain free alkali, or any foreign irritating substance.

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strengthened and stimulated, we get an amelioration of the symptoms. Drastic purges

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the limb, swelling in front of stifle joint ; these symptoms being

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days, but by weeks. I have seen more than one person continue to

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Comminuted fracture of the tibia, united, u-ith great displacement.

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fatty infiltration of the liver, family history of sudden