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of the Association to a proposal made by Dr. Farr in the

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23roducts move to opposite ends of the nucleus. N and n then become

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are more like adenoids, and are, of course, in a much less degree than those of

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out? Can we afiirm the ultimate harmony of the mechanical

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It is more particularly on the younger men that I would urge

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memory of John Hunter, whose invaluable < Mass. ; Usher Parsons, R. I. ; P. A. Jew-

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they should be treated by the constant current, and internally by quinine,

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and short, and not plainly distinguishable from one another,

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12, P.M., and has slept most of the time ; takes beef-tea and but little

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tion of the Tissues of the Animal Body," by Dr. Baker.

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But supposing the foregoing etiology of the disease to be made out