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Specimens," by William W. Gannett ; " Antisepsis in Mid-
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terious substances of various kinds acting on the subendo-
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From the class Tubercula I cut out frambcesia, as being a disease un-
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as is noted in one of the cases cited below, one of pro-
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On admission, the prominent symptom was pain, and occasional sick-^-
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That the semicircular canals are involved seems from
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scharlachalinliche Hautausschliige. .Tahrb. f. Kinderh.,
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pressure which it was needful to remove, may be the consequence of
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other organisms including treponemes. In addition, false-
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With this means, the temperature under the mask through which the patient is
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the skin, in thirty patients of St Bartholomew's Hospital. In some cases
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benefits. Also, through its various agents, it necessarily exercises a constant su-
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skin and distends it. Inflammation succeeds ; the skin becomes red,
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Relaxing the Spinal Muscles. Patient lies face down
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we should hardly expect any such agents to be entirely
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tion is attended with little danger, by it some serious irritant
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thorough knowledge of the elements, the structures or tissues,
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report, we describe a patient with hairy cell leukemia whose