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It would seem the ideal method when the osseous struct-

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of bronchial breathing (p. 270) show that real resonating phenomena can appear in

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is far commoner in young children than is usually supposed.

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in antiseptic properties appears to be due to the combina-

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veins of the body. About the same time malignant tissue masses were

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normal curve (Fig. 1). Such a kink may be inferred, however,

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the old enemy has yet made his last appearance, and the conclusions

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V. — A case of Frimary Harcoiua of the Synovial Mem-

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Progr. — De Cognitione Dei ex Intestinorum Crassorum Fabrica et

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the testicle and jaws also present a fearful mortality during

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but with round worms "Oh, nonsense," says the mother, "I al-

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acids, potassium chlorate, and such inorganic poisons as phosphorus, lead,

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distances, while a patient with gastric carcinoma, with a count of