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usually diminished, exceptionally increased. Its reaction may be acid.
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evils of civilisation and to the present-day pursuits of women.
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already pursued. The proposed change will lonsist in
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and general fever are not severe, and where the discharge and
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cases the lung involvement is altogether latent; in other cases it gives
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Nineteen cases of this condition are recorded — a dimi-
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was saturated with salt, for thirty minutes, and gave her one drachm of
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one gentleman said that, in forty years, he had been called in once to a case of
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engaged my attention since 1878, during which time I have published
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it may accumulate in the throat in the morning. This intermittency
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tom prompted me to pass a catheter, and to my surprise, instead
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not having been obtained, the growth was removed by
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there being a special department of the Court for the purpose. Of Chancery
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character, seems to us of more hopeful augury for the college
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a germ-borne disease, that the germ has not that activity for implanta-
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3. The Chemical Theory. — Tanaka beUeves that the true cause is a toxin
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a comfortable night. Bloody urine was passed in the morn-
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case of indigestion to tell whether an alkaline or acid
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him a peisonal matter, but on further consideration he became convinced that it was not
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in the announcements of the colleges, and affected every aspect of
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may introduce themselves as “Doctor,” or acquiesce to
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"On this subject, it is essential to establish some fixed rule and
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The following case of anomalous chorea was under mj care some
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method in displacements of the uterus with adhesions, or with
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walls of the trachea, these would be easily separated from them, by
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indeed very promising. However, in addition to a local
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Treatment. — We must bear in mind that the technic
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the new born babe, the state board of health shall, annually, cause to be prepared and put up
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» Attomcfpr-General and Royal College of Physicians. L." J., Ch. 30, 757.