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by accident. The prisoner was charged with the murder of his wife, and the

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a sclerotic atrophy of the convolutions is one of the most

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3. Mediastinal Abscess. — 'I'lic abscess cavity usually occupies the

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and necessitated the temporary suspension of the opera-

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slowly, and about the middle of July the patient left the hospital.

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but of the remote lesions, such as chronic rheumatic

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ships under Antonio da Torrez from thence. At this time,

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hypertrophied on both sides, and evidences of previous endocarditis may

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near Fiumefreddo (Sicily) only quartan is seen. According to all

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be avoided even when the malady exists endemically. Drinking water is

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route provides not only an excellent exposure of the middle meningeal

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time to time happily enforced. And if this were not the case

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and 5th, Punjab, occupying the whole of the country so named, and

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persons or clothing of well children who come from infected houses, that

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Jkpo Cases of Acute Suppuration in the Knee- Joint, in which

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become a believer in the operation. I pointed out to Dr. Bigger

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influence in the production of general paralysis. Thus it has not been

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where meningitk- serum was added to nornial corpuscles, and

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various muscles, sharp deep-seated pains in the tongue

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condition in the lining membrane of the veins may be primarily due to phlebitis,

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different dispensaries. I put him upon large doses of

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