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tion of the cord, even though they be accompanied by very
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Autopsy, — showing entire destruction of one kidney, and
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the diseased intestine. The stimulus is transmitted by the centripetal fibres
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adults, and secretion from the anterior part of the tonsil
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42. Use of Chloroform in Military Practice. — Dr. Mocat, C. B., Deputy In-
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day morning. He developed leucocytosis, increasing ab-
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assumes a dusky hue, and his lips and extremities are apt to be
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temperature, sick stomach, and looseness of the bowels,
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nies, acid reactions. Glycerin 3 per cent, medium growth, pink tinge to fluid. Potato
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substance, after the colouring matter has been removed by digestion in water.
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The examinations of the throats of the three hundred
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ing alterations in the kidney of a dog; this substance they give
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