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district, where he tells us that maladministration in every conceivable
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On the inner surface of the left forearm a subcutaneous tumour as
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over-exertion, are both clearly indicated by their respective symptoms.
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Gentlemen, — Amongst the various puzzling and anomalous symptoms
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Vogel on masturbation, especially as ic occurs in schools.
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State that no change in the ordinary rates could be obtained.
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25. Four-year-old female cat, brought for examination on the
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The 5th September, after examining the swelling per rectum, and
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sions, apparently caused by extension of the lesion.
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When, however, we ask ourselves whether Dr. Dobell has fulfilled
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Passing from this early period, when William Osier was
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eight, and fifty-nine days after inoculation, had become tuberculous.
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foul blotches spread over the skin and pustules form.
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the animal ivas slung. A probe entered the wound for a distance of
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remained in good condition until October. From that time it began
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169. A four-year-old bitch, several times brought to the external
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inflammation of the sinuses, drainage being provided for, and the parts
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39"8° C. ; at midday 39'6° C. ; at i p.m. 39*5° C. ; at 2 p.m. 39*4° C.
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Assuming the limbs standing straight out, as above described, the first
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