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vol. 24, p. 367.) It is, therefore, exceedingly doubtful whether, except under

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the chance of removing the cause. In entonic attacks, resulting from

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stances in which death has occurred suddenly either thrombotic or nnbolic

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for our hospital patients. He fails to consider diastolic pressure at all.

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orientation was poor, with complete loss of sense of

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The sensibility was, however, unimpaired. The back was free of tender

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ago vomiting and purging, accompanied by the discharge of matter

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tion as to what department of the school system was at

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so, and that it may furnish an indication of the slightest possible import, inasmuch

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which the result was given. Of the cases in the first half of the third

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Zoonoses — a serious medical problem, Middleton 1189

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under surface he found that it was developed in the

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Tiii, 309-311.— Fowler (G. li.) Non-union of fiactuies;

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Do you prefer being appointed sole Health Officers under

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the seventh and eighth intercostal nerves would send out their

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decompose. Such soils are known as attuwal. Paludal fevers

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attack. In this case local manifestations were limited to the

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Feuerwehreu. Beiblatt der " Zeitschrift fur Gewerbe-Hygiene,

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be indicated according to the conclusions at which the practitioner ar-

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cases reported to have started during infancy. It may begin at any age

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of binder's board to divide the pressure of the adhesive plaster over a large

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N. Y.,1889,xxii, 931-936.— Coiiiitilman (W. T.) Remarks

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interesting calculation has been made as to the superficial

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one to another of her unwilling and weeping j udges in mute,

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Typhoid fever in a child three years of age. Boston M. &

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would be sufficient, but such periods of well-being would be

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of doing so, should not be a participant in a state execution.