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the body ; soon the patient is bathed in profuse sweats ; the temperature

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the infundibular and alveolar passages. The septa are partially obliterated,

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more powerful effect of the drug upon the respiratory

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Rohienknochen wegen" maliguer Geschwiilste. Arch. f.

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does not provide for the expenses of State delegates — that is a

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the intense red one frequently seen in the urine. In

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Aocnmnlation of seram within the peritoneal cavity. Ascites is an accom-

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The tongue is at first covered with a thick whitish fur through which

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graduate education. Two instructors were obtained : Dr. Lewis Webb

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summer season, and about the time of the dog star. In the morning

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cicatriciel. Province nied., Lyon, 1897, x, 500.— Oreeii

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what I have to say to four of these: 1. Mental depres-

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to go out, and did so on 7th January ; his physical signs, dyspnoea and palpitation

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establishment of slaugliter-houses at the principal ports of

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by the accrediting bodies for accreditation of such resi-

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cases, and in masked and disguised intermittents, among which neu-

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" Fractures of the patella treated by continuous exten-

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really the matter with him; the liver, spleen, and urine were

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and kidneys normal. The bodies of the vertebra; are en-

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still active, with no prospect of cure. The eruption

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encephalon — the medulla oblongata, the pons varolii, the tubercula quadrigemina, etc.,

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suffered from cervico-brachial neuralgia, which lasted for several hours each

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Subject No. 6 had a moderate noon meal beginning at the point

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