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just such a condition of affairs as is supposed to be operative in the

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reports of 126 cases of elective Cesarean section done Oh unin-

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that was bled sufficiently, got well ; every case that was

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other than hereditary intiuences. Ldgol, in an able treatise, re-

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A man was send into my ward at the Hotel-Dieu. On the evening of his admission,

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women in state and federal prisons more than tripled

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minutes. During these paroxysms the face and neck were particularly

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which may be grafted on civilian surgery is very well told —

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instance comes to my mind of a fellow-practitioner who had kept the bed

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amendment to that effect — namely, " With regard to all the

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force generated de novo, but rather by a modification of physical force generated by the mu-

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no proof that lowering of the blood-pressure does lead to re-absorption of bile ;

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Cholecystotomy was indicated in cases where the gall-

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ble for the recovery of curable cases ; and refrac-

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not much concentrated. The complications observed were re-

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ployed for the performance of an operation, little is said

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pentines are very inflammable hydrocarbons, insoluble in water,

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at once arrests the progress of the disease, but it is also

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of India, where it is now prevalent in limited localities. The very exten-

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difficulty in the diagnosis. It is always well to take a careful

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the former and diminished by the latter. Although these