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Principles of Medical Ethics of the American Medical
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circumstances, whatever is the agent present in serum,
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Fraser Percival for securing such splendid speakers.
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of results as far as restoration of proper understandable
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Blalock, Alfred, and Duncan, George W. : Surg., Gynec.
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I have asked each of the panel discussors what drugs
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ences can be made to physicians in almost every State of the South.
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circumscribed peritonitis. Gibney defines idiopathic perityphlitis
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ADMISSION: For full particulars regarding admission requirements and the accelerated program write
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Dr. Herbert M. Friedlander read a paper on “Vitani-
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the surface was swarming with maggots, as large and active, as
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Northampton .. J. Earle Brackbill, Bangor Dudley P. Walker, Bethlehem
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dren, urging them to report to their physicians for these
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Joseph Shilen, Paul A. Sica, Glenn O. Smith, J. Shep-
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8. Sydenstricker, V. P., Sebrell, W. H., Cleckley, H.
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Drs. Robert L. Anderson, Pittsburgh, and A. Hamilton
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Dr. Thomas, namely, it decreases the sensitivity of the
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and in turn by reflex action causes the detru or urinse to act. He
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pages ; it will at once be evident that the discus.sion is most
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medicines, but the profit gained in the first case is at the expense
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fessor of Dermatology, University of Kansas Medical
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enter upon any successful course of treatment ; yet when we, some
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to the effect that the $500 Research Prize annually
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Notice of change of address should give both old and new address, and state whether the change is permanent or temporary. e
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sider them is to risk the complete breakdown of the
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mitted to participate or is limited in his participation
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amount of light falling on the page varies and may be
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wall to the left and just above the base of the bladder.
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Eucalyptus, Baptisia, Gaullheria, and Mentha Arvensis, in Combina-
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a gem of his — just a little book — A Mechanistic Vieiv
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had in its employ for some time a Leper cook. I should think this
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600 cases. In spite of such encouraging results, older
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results when no accident has occurred and when all has gone
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therefore exact ; most of them are full-paged, and where they are