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their expansibility, spin, and the amount of substance dis-
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reactions. Pending the use of the blue light, these reactions
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in all the southern Slates, the casie is precisely the reverse." Mr. Bitt*-
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forme, is also described. Petechise and formation of furuncles are
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detached at the chin, from its internal connections, and im-
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or towel, long enough to reach entirely around the loins and
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this, we recall the common occurrence of a young and pre-
Staphylococcus pyogenes li found in phlegmonous pus
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tumours arising in the orbit. This form of growth is met with chiefly in
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than the negro because the negro can better withstand the ravages of such
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withdrawn by puncture, but at times it is possible. The most impor-
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between uric acid gravel and gout," which he says results from an error "this
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The Committee recommend the cause of the insane to the favorable no-
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took place at each point of ligature. It was at first at-
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did not consider the brain important. A most interesting
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Death may occur in a few weeks, and the average dura-
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]>uscles, which in many cases fell from a normal of 5.5 to
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By D. J. ILimilton. (Part II., p.iges 515 to I139; also Part I.,
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artery and thus limit the supply of the blood to the heart, and we must
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shown that fatty degeneration of the muscular and nervous fibres takes
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f. Fleisch- u. Milchhyg., Berl., v. 13 (4), Jan., p. 120. [\V% W^.]
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countries than in others, and more virulent. With regard to cancer,
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f. Entwckhigsmechn. d. Organ., Leipz., v. 5 (2), 6. Jnli, pp. 352-372, tigs. 1-
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that the whole number of students in the eleven schools of
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Acute peritonitis is sometimes remarkably latent, the local symptoms,
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Mr. Stark, chemist, said that his opinion was that all persons breathing
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smooth external surface." We are sorry, however, to see that he lends
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removed by forceps, severe bleeding occurred in seven cases, slight
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acetic acid has been added, the excess may be removed by the cautious addition o f
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cording to the average rate of 2^ feet per century, however vast, will not be
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treatment. The author found that the best results were
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p.m., inserted into the punctures, and the wounds were thoroughly
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a congenital tendency to degeneration of kidney substance, it
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In: Twentieth Cent. Pract, N. Y., 1895, i, 525-659.
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are injected, and, furthermore, that the parallel lines of the
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