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decided loss of blood without injury ; anaemic patients have the symp-
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to supersede it, and the reproaches that have been cast upon it by modern
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sand a -Year' and of 'The Diary of a Late Physician.' The
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will be made to have social work participation included in various
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as he could in the lime at his disposal. The most abundant
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consists of an initial period of intensive drug therapy with
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chorea and athetosis. Hemianaesthesia and hemichorea are exceptional,
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high a grade and of the same kind as that required by said examining com-
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Dr. W. C. Dugan, of Louisville, read a paper entitled
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to suspect hysterical imposture ; cold water was freely
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ever, enough had been proven to show that tuberculosis
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end. The prevention liere came in, in resisting the plea for
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rule, however; so that the curve of a urethral instru-
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the nervous system rally from its state of oppression, and the
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fluid circulating through the human lungs, the equipoise is
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not be likely to fracture the bone; and finally there is a suspicious symmetry
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under the observation of the author. In fifty-two of these
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normal. The patient is of medium height and well built ;
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tiated adenocarcinoma and sarcoma, one area of which is
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him by Surgeon-General Sir A. Keogh, there were 303 cases in India
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ture Hall, Columbian University, 15th and H Streets
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for the future of American medicine; the introduction
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the urine direct without first subjecting this to the process
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personality and no feeling in this matter. I have Dr.
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these methods — ^taking more food, more stimulant, more exercise — are
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acts is doubtful. Stephens believes that the hsemoglobinuria
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Primary sarcoma of the stomach is considered uncommon enough to
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dissections, since their religion forbade any mutilation of the dead.**
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mortem movements, cease their actions and resume them at a latter period, it is
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" British Medical .lourual," Dr. (J. II. Mackenzie states, as the result of
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causes the instability is often such as to cause some degree of hcmij)legia,
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18, 1891.— 25. Macnish, R. Tl^e Pliilosophy of Sleep, 1830.— 26. MANAri^;rNE.