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reason to prefer this to inoculation, because the author's method does not
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have once formed are more prone to such an occurrence than
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Cerebral Lesions. — These are not common. Hemorrhage, thrombosis,
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The hyaline membrane is dense, firm, and elastic, and can be stripped off
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the actual squeezing of the air out of a limited portion of lung
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veterinary practitioner should be competent to bleed an
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opinion has been that a doubtful case had best be left to some
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As to Insanity. The rule of life insurance companies to
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cal examiner and very willing to do the work. He is glad to
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Men and of the Boston Asylum and Farm School for In-
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cause was a focus cf infection on the surface of the left lung situated on the
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them to the home office ; but I am sorry to say that there are
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poor, and occurs more often in weak than in robust children. It is more
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together after the proper interval, infection results, and can be brought
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pericarditis, peritonitis, meningitis, arthritis, and synovitis,
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an increased dissociation of complex substances, a rearrangement of simpler
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is not required, this danger is quite small. A few cases of
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previous skin disease. Martin reported one in which a calf was successfully
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per cent.) and in this series it occurred in 21 patients (1.4 per cent.). The
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attacked by pneumonia soon after being placed in beds previously occupied
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those that are better adapted to parasitic conditions. The degree of perma-
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fever is not a disease to be treated by drugs. Care in the diet, nursing and
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of the lungs should be made every day, for it is only by doing this that some
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In the dilated l^Tnph spaces groups of leukoc}i:es are ^•isible. In the early
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blood disks themselves form soHd moulds of the renal tubiiles.
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the opposite effect. Pick encountered this condition in 31 out of 38 cases,
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a few hours to a few days, the patient passes into a condition of stupor and
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remember the discussions of '99 and of last year, during
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may be a termination by crisis, the temperature falling to normal for a day
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the oesophagus. In the mucous membrane of the stomach, duodenum and
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The injection is made aseptically into the subcutaneous