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has prevailed to an extraordinary extent in Indianapolis during

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It is easily possible to utilize the visible chemical fre-

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is often ver}' transitory, disappearing in a few hours. Mr Austin was im-

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In general, the increased toxicity accompanying increased

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Grant from Committee on Research on Syphilis. The sum of $2,750 is available

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kidney, because, as we shall see later, in a large number of cases this is

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After completing his preparations he turned to me and said, " You remember that in speaking of the Ultra-

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14,000 to 28,000, whereas during the course the count may have mounted

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bacterio therapy, and it is upon the second, or serum

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doubtless the hope of cure that has been aroused by dis-

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fauces, make four or five deep punctures in the tonsil. The pain is in-

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most important diagnosis to make is between a purely vascular lesion and a

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the appearances seen on the skin are in fact described in some instances (but

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The prolongation of the experiment did not produce any effect, even after

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ten days passive motion was made at each dressing, the splint being removed.

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three other present-day schools— the University of Colorado

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as may be by cleanliness; but nature, in my judgment, can

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effort and human thought, over opposing material forces.

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dence of the so-called "mother complex," or "father complex," or any other sexual

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the effused liquid being purely a transudation, i. ^., not containing lymph,

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Samuel B. W. McLeod, M.D., President, in the Chair.

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artery was tied. The patient's face looked white, and his pulse was

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Ascaris canis (Werner): syn., Lumbricus canis (Werner); Ascaris

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smoke, so that, even if there are small cracks in the

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skepticism, not only concerning ancient dogmas, but also as to mod-