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wick (E. H.) The plastic repair of uretbro-perineo-
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rioden. Reptrt. f d. off. u. geiiehtl. Arznciw,. Brrl., 1812,
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bodies, from the year 1903 up to March, 1909, inclusive.
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considered correct for the large majority of cases.
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case, which, whilst it does not strictly "belong to the subject which has
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Kjeldahl's laboratory in Copenhagen, by Dr. Elfving. The writer found,
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those of the acute form, but may become alarming. The gastric contents
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constipated; later there may be a slight diarrhea. The spleen
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" There is nothing perfect under the sun," applies also
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gonorrhooa, with arthritis, and the possibility has certainly occurred
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delire," to be present, while the reasoning powers are icliolly
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University of Rome ; Professor Angelo Celli, above referred
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being largely used and is strongly recommended, notwithstanding the
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there is abundant proof, also, among the lower animals.
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tending on all sides. Part of the walls seemed free from malignant structure,
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sensory and trophic disturbances, and a varying amount of anasarca'
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ing upon a dying woman, and the fact that a considerable num-
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are also involved, and, in a less degree, the remainder of the backs of the
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ance of nervine tonics, more particularly nux vomica, and
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cine to be used in about half an ounce of water, which was heated by the
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1856.] Emmet, (Edema Glottidis from Typhus Fever. 67
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sented. This convenient sized volume has been found an excellent text book
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inferred from the facts as shown by the statistics of Spratling,
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theria is kept alive in a community rather by the virulent organisms
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