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shown by several observers to be true of suprarenal extract.
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Postnikow. Gastroenterostomy in two .stages. Centbl. f. Chir.,
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ten days thereafter, when the operation was confented to, as his
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During one of the discussions at the Academy of Med-
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the name of " phosphotal," which appears as a thick liquid with
anti-fungal shampoo containing ketoconazole or zinc pyrithione
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357 PP- Philadelphia: The F. A. Davis Co., publishers. 1894.
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The perfect control over passion which Mr. Wakley possessed,
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cases, employ but one, namely, creosote in large doses. The
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of m Sally-burnt vegetable matter, and, on examining the interior of the stack
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speedily lost all power in them. Her mother returned much
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lmfnw)€d Edition of Good^a Study of Medicine, — Dr. Doane, of New
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Table 2 shows the relation of the epidemic in Chicago to the occur-
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[On account of its value and interest, we give in our
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be the prospects for a primary union. If the lochia are
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traction in the muscle. When interruptions of the current do not produce
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President, Dr. Geo. E. Armstrong, Montreal; Vice-Presi-
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it was announced in our last number that the next annual meeting
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now to refer briefly to the history of some collateral events abroad.
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•can also be resorted to. Severer counter-irritation will be resorted to by
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1849, three weeks after the eye was first found to be diseased. The first
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upon the character and rapidity of the subsequent changes, resulting in the fonnatioB
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into the capillaries. The line of descent connects the two succeeding
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the chance of removing the cause. In entonic attacks, resulting from
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dynasty are also privileged to possess ten eunuchs each.
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heart. And, if future experience proves the above to be its