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detennining the rate of mortality. It is undoubte<lly a disease of great
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grammes of powdered calcium carbonate and filter. Take
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Reprint. — Colin (H.) Ueber Selipriifungen von Schul-
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picture of herpes zoster ophthalmicus the central portion of
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mated amount of food inspection required, the veterinarian can
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the regiment, of very intemperate habits, was attacked on board,
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doniinalis. Med.-chir. Centralbl., AV^ien, 1883, xviii, 275. —
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Functions of Cephalic Nerves. — So far as is yet ascertained, the
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and the parenchyma, and the mucous membrane is thrown off in pieces
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■who hold a British quaUfication, or who are registered under the
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out, it would be of inestimable value to the human race. Many of the
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galvanic current. Since the painfulness of faradization is especially
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and the patient continues his work though feeling ill, while the
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creased in size, pointed behind the cervix, and pressed
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If, therefore, one wishes to estimate the amount of pepsin contained in the solution,
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witnessed in a practice of fifty years. The spasmodic movements
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ever been discovered. In this case there had been no cancer known any-
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therefore, prompted the effort to forestall public opinion with
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and that of the attack which is next in sequence is termed the interval.
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In treating of this subject, Dr. Harvey first states the facts
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secting up a web of conjunctiva which was put into this
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solemn procession to the altar, the worship in which they engaged,
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Dr. M. Singer, house surgeon of St. Mary's Infirmary,
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All the ointments and soaps, soothing and irritating, which had
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of some of car Indiana brethren as shown in the exhibition of