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testines ; others are found in the fat around the kid-
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Councilor, Fifth District — Justus Ohage, M.D., Saint
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whom suspension of the uterus had been performed to remedy prolapse
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tion in the presence of a similar group of affections.
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creak under the knife. All this was not inflammation,
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of that Z of the truth which makes in favour of it. On the other hand the
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induced by reflex action, and thus sometimes occurs during parturition,
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licles themselves. It commences in the former in the
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sil. Most of the late syphilis I see is in those patients who have
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the gas will escape through the canula. Puncturing is not a
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Persistence may save apparently hopeless cases. After all» this is the complica-
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parched ; the colour of the whole face being green, black,
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orange peel, 80 ; serpentaria, 20 ; with glycerin, 75 ; and alcohol and
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hernial ground as this one does. The chapter on " Operation
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other organs suggested that the kidneys would react very differently towards them, and
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secretion of urine, thus distending the bladder with
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vanced period the appetite is lost, the wasting becomes extreme, and
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mant, for five weeks from what appeared to be incontinence of
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Dr. Andbew Wood gave his distinct approval to the scheme-
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from this disease is very great. According to Manson (Tropical Diseases)
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independently of each other. One of them is illustrated in
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foci. The coast itself, from Delagoa bay to Zanzibar, is intensely
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liiibet-Barbon & Furet(F.) Contribudon k I'^tude
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A second group of patients has smoldering ATLL. This